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Our Work-at-Home directory was developed to allow people who are serious about working from home find honest and legitimate opportunities for work from home jobs, careers, and business opportunities designed to make money from home. All of the top picks we provide have been thoroughly researched, tested and rated so we can present all of the best opportunities in one place. Whether it is work from home data entry, social media manager, blogging to online surveys we have several top programs that will get you proven results.  

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As with any legitimate work from home program, these programs do get filled up. So if you do have interest in a particular program, don’t hesitate to join because they are all risk free to try. If a program is currently filled up, check back with that program’s website later, or sign up for the waiting list if you are interested in their program or for more information on any of these top programs.

Top Work From Home Jobs

We will provide you with the best online job programs that are the best on the Internet below. Most of these programs are well proven and well respected. Best of all they have a great track record for success for their members to earn money through their programs. All of these programs will train the most novice member, and because of that they require no past experience.


All of these programs are covered by our 100% Delighted Guarantee!


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100% Backed Programs

We stand 100% behind our recommended programs.  If any program requires investment it is backed by the program’s no risk guarantee. If you ask for a refund within the time stated in the guarantee policy and are not granted a refund, we will personally refund your money. That is Standing Behind Our Recommendations!

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This data-entry job program has been in business for over 10 years with over 30,000 members. They offer several different work-from-home data-entry jobs as well as a variety of alternative job programs. You get full training and all the needed software as part of your membership. All of the jobs and resources are provided directly, which simply means you don’t need to go find the jobs yourself. Complete no risk opportunity with no hidden costs once a member.



This work-at-home jobs programs is a general work from home program, which simply means they offer several types of job programs under one roof. They will list as many as ten job programs in their members area  for you to select. Once you select the job program of your choice, they will provide complete training for that job as well as the resources, needed tools, software and most importantly the jobs. They are always add additional jobs to their program.



With the huge growth and popularity of social media many new work-from-home jobs have come about. As businesses are finding that they need to exploit this marketing platform they are quickly finding out how difficult it is to manage their social media with out hiring a large in-house staff.  So this has opened up many new opportunities in social media jobs. This program is by far the best offering several options to work from home doing simple social media job tasks.



Being a paid shopper sounds like a far fetched opportunity, and in many cases it is. Out of all of the programs we reviewed this was the highest scam rate we ran across. We did find a few that were very good, and one in particular allows its members to get paid for shopping local businesses in their area. This job pays you to make purchase and pays you for your time. The best part of this job is you keep everything you purchase and it is all paid for by the companies.



Finding a legitimate rebate processor opportunity was a tough task. Most we ran across were scams until we came across Executive Processors. They offer both a job program and an business opportunity in one membership. You can do simple rebate processing and get paid for every rebate you process. Also, they will train you how to work directly with companies to process their rebates which can earn incredible income. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.



Working at home doing typing jobs is one of the easiest ways to make money working from home, if you are working with the right type of program. Many of the jobs we reviewed were nothing more than affiliate posting jobs where you spent money posting ads on Google. This program deals with providing simple content articles for businesses, websites, and blogs. They will train the most novice person; even if you have never typed an article in your life.



We saw this one coming for awhile now. Just like with the social media jobs and with the huge growth in mobile devices through out the world, many businesses are taking to mobile marketing. One of the best mobile marketing strategies is SMS or texting. So this has opened up many opportunities and jobs that will allow you to text and get paid. With this program the best part is they only deal with incoming text messages. Pay is absolutely the best you will see.


work-from-home-translator-jobs Many people have the ability to speak a second, or even a third or more language and only let those talents go to waste. As the Web grows and gets more diverse through out many different countries this is opening up many new opportunities for multi-lingual people. The problem is many of these job  opportunities go with out getting filled for the simple fact know one knows about them. This program will get you started as an online translator provider.


Top Work-From-Home Opportunities

The following programs are great top picked opportunities to earn money from home. All of these recommended programs are risk free and require no past experience or large investments. They will take you by the hand and walk you through the needed steps to succeed.

All of these programs are covered by our 100% Delighted Guarantee!

Work at Home Top Picks

Below are the top picks of the year made by current members of these programs. To make the top pick these programs must receive all five stars based on members experience that are currently using the programs.

Top work from home opportunities 2015Best data entry jobs onlinelegitimate work at home programsData entry work from home jobslegitimate work from home jobs


Many people always dream of starting their own business. In the past the usually dealt with opening a brick & mortar business which consumes a lot of time and money. Now, in the age of the Internet, it is possible to start an online business with almost no costs if you have the right direction. This program by eBiz Starter offers a great program to get your online business foundation set. You then expand on many different niches or opportunities they will present.



We tend to stay away from affiliate marketing programs. One of the reasons is most of the affiliate marketing programs take too much time and a lot of money to get going. However, we found a program that is Affiliate Mastery, which will take you from the basics to master level all within a few simple easy-to-follow steps and cost no money. With this program you can achieve top level earnings in little time that many affiliate marketers have spent years building.



Another social media opportunity is making money on LinkedIn. This could have easily been categorized as a job like the “Get Paid to Tweet” opportunity. However, when we see the only pay structure is by commissions we will place this into a business opportunity more than an actual job. The benefits to this over a job is you can make more money, and in many cases a lot more money but does take more time and effort. But your time and effort will pay off!



Many people are spending a lot of time and money flipping houses these days, only to see the competition to be tough. In many cases investing hundreds of thousands of dollars only to make a small profit or even a loss. This program is about domain name flipping; also know as Internet real estate investing. The best part is many members with this can start as little as $20 and turn it into $200 in a couple of days, and in many cases get a much higher ROI.



Making money on eBay is one of the best ways to create a good revenue working from home. The problem is many people are misguided and only create very small profits. It is all about the knowledge on how to make money on eBay, and this program is by a Platinum Power Seller, which is the highest honor you can get. You will see even in the demo video he will show you the program working, and the program he shows you is geared towards success.



With people looking for deals and bargains this program is one of the easiest ways to make money. Business will pay you a lot of money to help provide sign ups. In most cases you will be providing end users the ability to sign up for free, and the best part is you get paid. This program will take you from the start (getting set up) to the process of exactly how to get the sign ups and get paid. You can do this business at no additional cost out of your pocket.



Just like the social media job this is a fast growing work-from-home opportunity. We won’t really categorize this as a job, but more like a business opportunity and the main reason is you will only be working with one business and pay will be determined by commissions. With that said this opportunity is endless for the amount of money you can make. It will all depend on your efforts, which simply put, the more you tweet, the more you get paid.



Blogging in the past has been done for fun and a way to express yourself. The times have changed and now many businesses are paying big money for bloggers. Some bloggers can make $10k a month spending as little as two hours a day making posts to their blog. This program will get you set up and on your way to achieve good earnings with little time needed to succeed. This is currently still one of our favorites because it doesn’t require anything but having fun.



One of the oldest work-from-home money-making programs is doing online paid surveys. When these first started years back they were absolutely the best, but many scams came along the way. More recent some legitimate paid-survey programs have made a strong comeback. This program we recommend is the best program we have seen in years if not of all time. You will get paid cash for your opinions by businesses through their program.



One of the fastest growing work-from-home opportunities is article writing. This is because many busine ss websites and blogs are needing fresh content in the form of articles. Whether it be creating articles directly for businesses or making posts to blogs, article writing is only going to continue to grow for years to come. This program will show you how to create articles in as little as 20 minutes that will pay $30 to $50 per article. This adds up quickly.