Work From Home Jobs – The Good & The Bad

Work From Home Jobs – The Good & The Bad

Work From Home Jobs:

 The Good And The Bad

Working from home online or on the phone seems to be the dream job for most stay at home Moms, but there are some things everyone looking for that dream opportunity should be aware of. There are lots of scams out there and knowing the difference between a scam and a real opportunity for work can save a lot of time and frustration.

First issue to consider is whether you wish to have a job or a business opportunity. The difference between the two is always cost. A business opportunity will require some kind of down payment of membership payment. There are frauds is the business opportunity field as well so if it seems too good to be true than it generally is. Trust your gut with these opportunities; your gut will not fail you. The way to spot these frauds is simple really. The frauds generally advertise that you will make a lot of cash very quickly. Such as: “Make $$$$ in just five days”, or “No work, lots of $$$$”. No one has ever made a lot of money with these kinds of supposed business opportunities except the person offing it. Once you have decided if it is a job or business opportunity you are looking for the next step is to find the one which is right for you. This can be confusing, and time consuming so here are a few things to look for.

If it is a job you have decided on you should not have to pay to work, they should be paying you. If there is a sign-up fee, membership, or other payment you need to make up front this should be a warning flag, however there are very few that are legitimate so make sure there is some sort of money back guarantee before you fork out any money. This is not what you are looking for and you will more than likely spend more money than you make to do what they call work. Now if you are looking for a business opportunity refer to the above once again about the difference in real and scam opportunities.

When accepting an online job you should be aware that the time frames listed in the job outline are just suggested times and will result in making about minimum wage. It is always better to work more often than the suggested time frames if you are allowed to do so. This will result in better pay and a bigger feeling of accomplishment.

Most work from home jobs require that you have a PayPal or other online pay account to receive your money. It is good to sign up for this before you begin your search so that you already have the information right there on hand.

The most typical types of work from home jobs found online are data entry work from home and/or freelance writing. These positions are generally filled by persons who have either little or no experience in writing or data entry. These positions tend to pay by the word or amount of data entered daily. The pay is not very much and generally sits somewhere between seven cents per word and fourteen cents per word or a flat rate per page. Again this is why it is best to be more than the minimum posted.

Working from home can be freeing and pay rather well if it is done correctly. Business opportunities do cost money and you have to be careful with them to make sure they are not frauds. Never pay for anything that promises to get rich quickly; they very rarely work out. Never pay for a job online either; they should be paying you. Choose a job which fits what you want to do or what you want to be paid; and most jobs online are data entry or freelance writing. Work more hours or do more data entry or article than what the site calls the minimum to make money. Success is totally up to you in any position you choose.




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