Creating eBooks Successfully

Creating eBooks Successfully

Creating an eBook and Marketing It Successfully

Nothing quite compares to the age-old quest to write the “Great American Novel.” It seems there comes a point in everyone’s life where they choose to embrace their inner writer, no matter their background or subject of interest.

What’s so unique is that while less and less of us admit that we read, more and more of us are deciding to finally “put pen to paper,” so to speak, and release the years of pent up ideas that have been building in the creative parts of our minds. Now, though, may be the perfect time to actually give it a shot.

Since the commercialization of the publishing industry decades upon decades ago, getting anyone who worked in so much as the mail-room at one of these companies to even glance at your manuscript has been considered a success. Simply put, until now you’ve had a better chance at seeing the Minnesota Timber-wolves win an NBA championship than getting your prized book-to-be published, or even read. But thanks to the eBook, the landscape for would-be authors has drastically changed for the good.

Thanks to the eBook, writers are now given the power to write what they want, and put it out on their own for the public purchase, for the consumer to decide just how “worthy” your book is. If you’ve ever read an eBook, though, and most of us have whether we admit it or not, it may look to be a daunting task. But thrust this author: It most certainly isn’t.

All it takes to create and market your eBook successfully is to follow a simple set of guidelines, and the rest will take care of itself!

First and foremost: Write. Write, and write, and write some more. Don’t worry about structure, don’t worry about punctuation or spelling, just write everything down as fast as you can. If you don’t know what to write, write that! Just whatever you do, do not stop writing! When you’ve finished writing, simply go back through and begin editing and organizing your text until the book starts to take shape.

Next, purchase an eBook Compiler software program (the good ones costing around $65 – included in our program), which will convert your word document into the proper format, which includes the familiar active Table of Contents and all the rest of the now-familiar eBook features. Be careful, though, as some will charge you royalty fees for every book you sell, so be sure to research all of your options.

Once this has been accomplished, and you’ve registered for a copyright for your material (which is highly recommended), it’s now to time to market your masterpiece.

The how-to of eBook marketing could take up an eBook entirely of its own, and in fact, it has. But as long as you stick to the basics of writing press releases, SEO optimizing your eBook to show up as often as possible on search engines, promoting through social media, and promoting through your website, you’ll be well on your way to raking in the sales. Some of these strategies may cost you a few bucks, but what’s a little bit of money up front when there’s so much to be made on the other end?


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