Research Data Entry Positions

Research Data Entry Positions

Research Data Entry Positions

Research Data Entry jobs are among the highest outsourced in the Data Entry industry, a market which has increased drastically for those working from home. Unlike the majority of other Data Entry work, Research Data Entry usually comes in bulk due to the nature of the information being entered.

Research data involves entering data gathered mainly from surveys. Nearly every company sends out at least one survey each year, whether it’s to gage customer interest, or employee satisfaction, or a number of different things. Many businesses will conduct several more, such as those to evaluate product performance.

Three or four surveys a year may seem like small potatoes, but when you consider the vast amount of businesses that exist in the United States alone, the overall number of surveys starts to add up, and add up fast.

Because of many factors, including the current corporate tax rate, insurance costs, and a variety of employee-related expenses, it’s become nearly impractical for any CEO to justify to his or her board the need for a full-time, or even part-time staff, dedicated solely for the purpose of entering statistical data over a period of what amounts to maybe a month or so each year. For those of you working at home, this could be a potential goldmine.

The sheer volume of research data needing entered means that at any given time, there are usually more jobs out on the market than there are those seeking such jobs. If you’re a skilled typist, you’ll be able to take on multiple jobs at the same time, especially if the surveys don’t contain any handwritten, long form answers.

If you’re not a skilled typist, don’t worry, there’s just as much work out there for you too. Along the way your skills will undoubtedly improve, but until then you can find yourself extremely busy with punching numbers into massive spread sheets (which can mean massive $$$$$). Like all work from home jobs, you should have a very high speed internet connection to go along with your virus-protected computer, which should include the complete MS Office suite of programs.

Though computers differ from one another in almost every way possible, it’s very easy to get a keyboard that contains a number keypad on the right-hand side. Get one! This will make entering large quantities of data easier, and much, much faster. Just like you’d familiarize yourself with the letters portion of the keyboard over time, learning to enter numbers while only looking at your screen and/or the data that you’re entering will allow you to take on more volume, thereby putting more money in your pocket.

Remember, Research Data Entry positions are nearly always open, and the key is to get your work finished fast and accurate so that each employer will keep coming back for more.





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