Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are a unique opportunity that most people can do. Our programs are designed to fulfill the stay at home work force and provide the connection for the companies to a team that can handle this type of work. With our program you are not limited to one type of data entry job. You will have several options that will fit the need of most people looking to make an income from home. The training and software we provide has been created to be very cost effective and affordable to get started. The cost to get started is a fraction of what it would be to go it alone not counting all the time that it would take to create the interactive programs to coincide with the companies you will be working for.


Types of data entry that will be provided

  • Traditional Data Entry
  • Transcriptional Data Entry
  • World Wide Data Entry
  • Data Research Provider
  • Content / Copy Writing
  • eBook Creation
  • Advertising / Marketing

Demand for Data Entry is Turning More Homes into Home Offices

If you can believe it, the internet as we know it has only been around for slightly over two decades. That’s right, just over twenty years. But as many of us spent time anxiously awaiting those 56K dial-up modems to connect, and creating new slang terms such as “brb” and “lol,” hardly anyone was thinking about the progression of the internet. Where will it go? What will it be capable of? Is it just for talking to people on the other side of the planet? All of these were legitimate questions in the early 90s, but of all the questions many of us asked, almost none of them were “will I be able to use the internet to generate income, without being some sort of tech wiz?”

Of course we’ve now known for quite some time that the answer to that question is a resounding “yes,” but even within the last five years or so we’ve seen a trend emerge of increased outsourcing not to other companies, but to moms and dads who have a PC or a Mac, and a few hours a day of free time. One sector in particular is leading this trend, and that is Data Entry.

But why Data Entry? Don’t these giant companies have massive armies of employees dedicated entirely to making spread sheets and using a ten-key?

Well at one point the answer to that question was “yes,” but now the answer is “yes, they did, but not as much anymore.” The reason for this is simple: Why pay someone $30,000 a year plus paid leave, health insurance, and other benefits, when I can outsource the work to people look for extra income? In this way, companies cut costs by a tremendous margin, yet are still able to compensate the at-home Data Entry person

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