Article Content Writing Jobs

Article Content Writing Jobs


Article Content Writing Jobs

An area of freelance at-home employment that is rapidly increasing in number of job opportunities available is that of Article Content Writing. As the number of blogs and other content-centric websites grow, those who create these sites are realizing that content is indeed king, and that in order for their business to succeed, they need a lot more content than they originally thought.

In steps the freelance article writer. And, let me say that the term “article” is used very, very loosely. When one thinks of an article, visions of newspapers and news websites instantly come to mind, and while those are of course included in this category, the majority of the work available in this arena is related to writing blog posts, most of which anonymously.

But that’s ok, it’s not all about getting “credit” for your work on the surface. It’s a business, after all, so your primary focus should be on delivering good content on a consistent basis in order to retain your clients, thus boosting sales.

When you’ve finally decided to tackle the article writing business, you must be knowledgeable, or able to become knowledgeable on almost every subject matter that there could possibly be to write about. In the same sense, you must also be familiar with all styles of writing, both journalistic and essay form, in order to accurately produce what your client is expecting from you. Trust me, you may have a great online profile that looks sparkling, but if you can’t deliver “the goods” like you promised you could, then that could mean a very short career in the freelance article content writing industry.

To cut to the chase, bluffing won’t get you through many doors. Though many work-from-home jobs don’t require much education after high school, online freelance writing is one of the few in which having a college degree is definitely recommended. Now, this isn’t to say that you can’t succeed at all without one, but in every degree program at a university there is writing involved at some level, especially in the Arts and Journalism departments. Look at it this way: If you did go to any type of 4-year College for any length of time, you can pick out errors left and right in any copy you read, and are easily able to tell that it was written by someone that wasn’t an educated writer.

Now of course there are exceptions to every rule, I mean talent is talent, right? But where a post-secondary education really comes into play is in the ability to research, and have prior knowledge of a variety of topics as we mentioned earlier.

These are vital skills when it comes to Article Content Writing, because it will decrease your turnaround time, widen your area of expertise, and most of all create greater exposure for your business.





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